Yes, we will return!

Greetings fans!

It’s been a while, and our little Etsy store (and our sister site) have been closed. We’ve had some medical issues that lingered longer than we anticipated, then when the dust started to settle we moved.

We are finally unpacked and doing inventory and will be reopening soon with new collars and tags, and stuff for the humans too!

Thank you all for your patience while we healed and moved and prepared for our opening!



Making 2014 Fenway’s year!

Making 2014 Fenway's year!

Fenways is dreaming of another Christmas filled with treats, toys, and seeing his Gramma, while we’re hard at work preparing for the new year!

We’ll be adding new tags, new tag options, and new collars and leashes over the next few weeks.

2013 was a busy year in our home and workshop including 7 fosters and our hospice girl NeyNey and an amazing holiday season. The postal service had some hangups, but we survived!

Thanks to all of you for your support of us and the rescues we’ve been able to help! Without you we couldn’t have done it!

New payment options!

I’m very happy to announce that our Etsy store is now able to accept credit card payments without a PayPal account!

For those who prefer PayPal, don’t worry it is still available as well!

We’ve had a busy weekend here and the next week will bring a few surprises to our storefront so stay tuned!


Meet Toby, our newest foster here.  Toby was only supposed to be at our home a week and a half, and then was headed for Green Pup Shelter in Illinois.  But things never seem to work out for these poor dogs the way they’re supposed to.


Toby was an owner surrender at the Fort Worth Animal Control Center and given barely two days before being euthanized.  Fortunately for him the folks at Green Pup saw potential in this sweet guy and off to our house he went.  He’s spent a week in misery and not eating and after two visits to the vet he was hospitalized yesterday and is spending the weekend there to have what we hope is just a severe infection treated.  He is heart worm positive, among other things, and is fighting to stay alive.  So far the news has been good for Toby, and we’re all hoping he can come home on Monday on the road to recovery.


The folks at Green Pup have invested a lot of time and money into this sweet guy to give him the chance at life that his previous owners couldn’t or wouldn’t provide.  As with most rescues these days funds are hard to come by, dogs are coming in left and right, and medical bills are piling up.  We will be posting items in our store over the next few days where ALL proceeds will be going to help cover the medical bills for Toby and other dogs that they have given a chance.  Updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page.


NOLA Lab Rescue

Want to know some of the amazing dogs that receive our Love Rescue Me collars?  Meet Boomer:

We had the pleasure of hosting Boomer at our house for a few days while he waited to go to his foster home with New Orleans Lab Rescue.

Boomer spent a very, VERY long time at our local shelter which is in the middle of construction leaving the animals there in a world of chaos.  Because he’s an older dog, it was hard to find him a rescue home, but there was a group of awesome women out there determined to do so anyway.  That’s where NOLA Lab Rescue stepped in.  He has a few medical issues that they will financially be taking care of, but this a dog that was definitely worth the time and money.

He was a perfect gentleman his entire stay here and his manners made our gang look like a group of unruly heathens.  He stayed by my side at every moment, which is why for a split second he almost stayed here.

Go support this rescue and “like” them of Facebook. 

Boomer says thanks!