Meet Toby, our newest foster here.  Toby was only supposed to be at our home a week and a half, and then was headed for Green Pup Shelter in Illinois.  But things never seem to work out for these poor dogs the way they’re supposed to.


Toby was an owner surrender at the Fort Worth Animal Control Center and given barely two days before being euthanized.  Fortunately for him the folks at Green Pup saw potential in this sweet guy and off to our house he went.  He’s spent a week in misery and not eating and after two visits to the vet he was hospitalized yesterday and is spending the weekend there to have what we hope is just a severe infection treated.  He is heart worm positive, among other things, and is fighting to stay alive.  So far the news has been good for Toby, and we’re all hoping he can come home on Monday on the road to recovery.


The folks at Green Pup have invested a lot of time and money into this sweet guy to give him the chance at life that his previous owners couldn’t or wouldn’t provide.  As with most rescues these days funds are hard to come by, dogs are coming in left and right, and medical bills are piling up.  We will be posting items in our store over the next few days where ALL proceeds will be going to help cover the medical bills for Toby and other dogs that they have given a chance.  Updates will be posted here and on our Facebook page.